Acorn Stairlifts

Many people wish to continue living in their own home, but loss of mobility can make it increasingly difficult to climb up and down the stairs. For many years now Acorn Stairlifts have manufactured and installed thousands of safe, reliable and easy to use stairlifts to provide mobility and accessibility solutions for the difficulties our customers, both young and elderly alike, experience in their daily lives.

The Acorn Superglide 120 is a personal straight stairlift, designed for the domestic user.

The Acorn Stairlift is powered by direct current, supplied by rechargeable batteries, which deliver a smooth, ultra-quiet and safe ride quality. The batteries are maintenance free and charged by a safe 15 volts AC, which is stepped-down from the domestic mains supply by the transformer.

The advantages of this power supply system are:
  • The stairlift remains operative, even if the mains supply is interrupted
  • There is no mains voltage to any of the operating parts of the stairlift
  • There are no troublesome trailing mains cables, as with all AC powered lifts
  • Allows rapid and simple installation, without mess or disruption
  • Delivers smooth and near silent operational characteristics
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop means that there is no jolting or lurching as the lift starts or finishes its journey. This adds to the feeling of safety and stability.
The Superglide 120 stairlift consists of three main components.
1. THE RAIL - An extruded and anodized aluminum track, fitted with a steel toothed rack, which is affixed to the staircase and upon which the carriage assembly rides.
2. THE CARRIAGE - Housing a direct current powered gear motor and pinion and associated electronic controls, a battery pack and electrical and mechanical safety equipment. The carriage has a folding footrest attached.
3. THE SEAT - An upholstered folding swivel seat assembly, that comfortably carries the user. Complete with folding seat cushion and armrests - one of which houses the mechanical controls and diagnostic status lights.